How To Root/Unroot Xiaomi Redmi 1S Safe (Without Losing Data)!!!

by Head Banger on December 4, 2014


Root/Unroot Xiaomi Redmi 1S


Here’s the method to safely root your Xiaomi Redmi 1S phone without losing any of your data but first you should know Pros & Cons of Rooting Android ! if you already know then let’s just begin.




  • Redmi 1S with stable MIUI ROM.
  • Developer options activated

(in settings >> about phone>>Screenshot_2014-10-25-17-17-56 then check for>>Screenshot_2014-10-25-17-18-06

  • Stock Mi Recovery 2.0.1 (it is already there until you haven’t installed any custom recovery).
  • file (download it from here)
  • file (download it from here)



Steps To Root Redmi 1S:

  • To root your Redmi 1S first rename to and place it on root of your internal storage of your Redmi 1S.
  • Now go to updater and choose reboot to recovery.


Screenshot_2014-10-25-16-58-44>>Screenshot_2014-10-25-16-58-54>>Screenshot_2014-10-25-16-59-08(by pressing left soft key)

  • In recovery mode your touch screen won’t work but don’t be scared it is normal here you have to choose language by volume keys and proceed by pressing power key.


  • Now choose option install to system one and it will automatically choose the (which was originally and install it.
  • After the update is completed choose reboot option.
  • After reboot go to security>>permission and activate root permission.

QQ Photo20140716102658

  • That’s it now you can enjoy the power of root on your Redmi 1S.



 Steps To Unroot Redmi 1S:

  • To unroot your Redmi 1S first you have to disable root permission in settings go to security>>permission and deactivate root permission.
  • Now you have to rename to and place it in root of internal storage of your Redmi 1S.
  • Go to updater and choose reboot to recovery.

Screenshot_2014-10-25-16-58-44>>Screenshot_2014-10-25-16-58-54>>Screenshot_2014-10-25-16-59-08(by pressing left soft key)

  • Again here you have to choose language by volume keys and proceed by pressing power key.62099151
  • Now choose option install to system one and it will automatically choose the (which was originally and install it.
  • After the update is completed choose reboot option.
  • You can check in security>> permission again.

QQ Photo20140716102605

  • Enjoy your unrooted Redmi 1S.


So that’s it now you can root and unroot your Redmi 1S whenever you want and it is totally safe. Just keep few things in mind i.e. do not update your Redmi 1S after rooting and if you remove any system files and then update your Redmi 1S it will have some bugs. That’s all now enjoy your Redmi 1S

US company fined for Under paying Indian Employees!

by @dmin on October 27, 2014



salarypay day 3

In SAN FRANSISCO a Electronic for Imaging Inc is fined and made to pay $430000 penalty by labor Regulator who 8 Indian brought to US being UNDERPAID and OVERWORKED .
This probe announced by the US Department of Labor which has found several non tolerable violations at Electronics for Imaging Inc, a printing technology specialist.

this company which got revenue of $690 million last year, after the misconduct occured.
They also found that, Electronics for Imaging paid the eight workers far below California’s required minimum wage — $8 per hour at the time — while they also helped the company move its headquarters from Foster City, California, to Fremont, California, during a three-month period, according to the Labor Department.

Their they got know employees assigned to the project, some of the Indian workers logged as many as 122 hours in a week without being paid overtime. As result, they received as little as $1.21 per hour.


pay  pay day 2

Electronics for Imaging says it “unintentionally overlooked” US laws requiring foreign workers to be paid at least minimum wage, with overtime for more than 40 weekly hours on the job.

The US based Indian Employees being payed the same salary they were getting in India ,Bangalore, and some of them were even found being paid in Indian rupees even after being in US!

We got information from Michael Eastwood, a Department of Labor assistant district director,who told us that their were abuses at Electronics for Imaging were among the most terrifying he had ever seen — even worse than problems he had seen at garment factories in southern California.

“This is worse than anything that I ever saw in any of those Los Angeles sweatshops,” Eastwood said Thursday.

The Electronics for Imaging case serves as a reminder of the economic divide between high-tech workforce in the US and less-developed countries. While engineers and other technology employees are paid more than $100,000 salaries and lucrative stock incentives, workers handling other jobs for the same employer often receive lucrative pay if they are based in countries such as India, China and Mexico.

Although it is not among Silicon Valley’s high-profile companies, Electronics for Imaging is successful. The company earned $109 million last year and awarded CEO Guy Gecht with a pay package valued at nearly $6 million, including more than $1.2 million in salary and bonuses.

Electronics for Imaging is paying more than $40,000 in back wages and damages to the eight Indian workers and a $3,520 fine

Submit Sitemap to Google : Step by Step Guide

by @dmin on October 12, 2014


submit sitemap to google , bing , yahoo


Submit Sitemap to Google


What is a Sitemap ?

A site map  is a list of pages of a web site accessible to crawlers or users. It can be either a document in any form used as a planning tool for Web design, or a Web page that lists the pages on a Web site.

This step comes after you submit and verify your site to google or other search engines ,( Step by Step guide to submit your website/url to google and other search engines )(submit sitemap to google)

Generating Sitemap


If you are a blogspot user then you can see your sitemap at


If you are a wordpress user then you should install a plugin SEO by Yoast , this plugin will generate four sitemaps for you .

Other CMS / website

Create an XML Sitemap. You can create an XML sitemap by hand, or use an XML sitemaps generator to do it for you.

Submitting Sitemap

  1. Login to your Google  websmaster tools account .
  2. Go to your site’s dashboard
  3. Click on add/test sitemap.
  4. Submit the link of the xml file generated
  5. Referesh the page , and check whether pages are submitted to google
  6. Google will check your sitemap and will start indexing if no errors are found.

It may take 2 weeks to index your pages to google .Read some ways to index your pages superfast to google .(submit sitemap to google)


Submit url to Google

by @dmin on October 8, 2014


The very next thing you have to do after making your website is to submit your website to google  ( submit url to google) and other search engines like yahoo , bing etc . You can increase your visibility on internet by submitting and optimizing your site on google , below are the steps to submit your site to google if you are using blogger , wordpress or any other cms/website .(submit url to google)


if you are using a blogspot sub-domain name then go to the dashboard of your blogger after that Dashboard >Settings >Basic >Privacy

in privacy set option visible to search engine , google will automatically add your website.


submit url to google



WordPress and other CMS

If you have a html/css website or if you are using wordpress or any other cms , then you should use this method

Go To Google Webmasters tools

Dashboard –> Add your website there or url there

after that you have to verify your website for that you can use google analytics or you can add the tracking code to your website’s head tag

if you are using wordpress then many plugins are available to verify your site for you SEO by yoast is one of the plugins , all you have to do is enter the tracking code  , you can also put google analytics code to verify your site ( use google analytics plugin)

the other way of doing this is adding .js file , or javascript file in the <head> tag of your index.html or index.php ..etc

google will verify and add your website to it’s database.

The picture below shows the button in the webmaster tools where you can add your website to google’s directory .Submit url to Google

add site to google webmaster , submit url to google

Iphone 6 Series :Price and Availability in India

by @dmin on October 6, 2014


iphone 6 india price release date

Apple’s new Flavours , the Iphone 6 and Iphone 6 plus availability date in India is finalised.

The are the successor of the previous version Iphone 5s.

The company has finally entered to the family of big screen display phone by their new versions having display size of 4.7″ and 5.5″ .

The company made no modification in terms of the camera megapixel quality but surely add on some new features to camera.

Though the Pixel density i.e. the ppi for the 1st version which is Iphone 6 is kept lower den the preceder to 326ppi, but the higher version of 6 plus has the 401 ppi.

Though Apple never reaveal the inset chipment used n its specification,but if to believe the expert the both the phones has latest Apple A8 chipset along with 1.4 Ghz dual core Cyclone Arm based in it.


The Iphone 6 and Iphone 6 plus will be available in India on 17 October 2014 on Apple Authorized ReSellers.Customers can preorder I phone 6 and Iphone 6 plus begining 7 October .

Though the E-Commerce vendors are selling the Iphone 6 models, price starting at Rs.56500

iphone 6 india price release date stores

The Price Range of the Iphone 6 16 GB model will be available at Rs.53,500, 64 GB version is Rs. 62,500 and 128GB  Variant is priced at 71,500

The Iphone 6 plus 16GB variant is priced at Rs.61,500, subsequent 64 GB variant at 71,500 and Rs. 80,500 for 128GB variant !

iphone 6 india price release date apple stores

The Apple Iphone will be sell by the company distribution partners Rashi Peripherals,Redington,Reliance and Ingram Micro.

The new Iphones are really in demand and also broke their own record of booking of their last version of Iphone 5s.

This time their are some problems faced by the customer like their new Iphone got bend in their pockets.

Many tech expert has also first time perform the bend test for these version and similar results were observed by them .

Mostly Iphone 6 plus is in news for its applied forced bending capacity !

Pros & Cons of Rooting Android !

by Head Banger on October 6, 2014

root android device

It has always been a tough decision that you should root your phone or not because most people want to know that “will it harm their device if they root it”, “is their any benefit of rooting or not”, “is it safe to root my phone”, “what are the disadvantages of rooting” so in this article you will find the advantages and disadvantages of rooting. First of all you need to know what is rooting


What is Android Rooting?

Rooting is a process of unlocking the hidden features of phone by getting full access to your OS. You can make necessary changes to your phone. A root user in Android is like Administrator user in Windows. It means you have full control of your phone you can make any change which you were unable to make without root. You can remove system apps (not necessary or annoying ones) to have more free space, you can free more RAM, you can install custom ROMs etc. .


In other words when you buy a android phone the Android OS provided by the manufacturers has some locked features which you can unlock by rooting.

Pros/Advantages of Rooting


1. Custom ROMs:

With root you can get rid of your boring stock ROM and choose from a wide variety of custom ROMs supported by your phone. There are so many ROMs for better battery, looks, speed etc. you can choose according to your needs.


With root you can install apps which use special permissions and are very useful eg. tasker, titanium backup, LMT etc. Tasker is used for performing various task it is also available for non root but with root it’s much powerful. Titanium Backup is only for root users its very useful app for backing up app and app’s data with non root backup apps they only backup app and leave data so whenever you restore your game your high score is gone every time plus with titanium backup you can remove unwanted or annoying system apps. On other hand LMT is used for looks and provides services like pie service gesture service and more so with root apps are much fun.

3. Speed:

Root provides faster speed to your android. With root you can use apps like greenify which are used for closing apps which runs in background after closing so they use RAM when you don’t need them so this app closes all those apps and services to free RAM when you are not using them.(rooting android)


I know there are too many launchers in play store but there’s a difference in looks you can get by launchers and looks you can get by rooting.With launchers there comes a heavy RAM eating app which slows down your phone and decreases available free RAM. After rooting you can customize your phone’s looks by custom ROMs , apps like LMT and so many other tweaks to customize your phone eg. you can add more tiles in the notification bar controls, change colour of status bar or make it transparent, you can also add soft buttons no matter  manufacturers provided them or not. There are many more things you can do after rooting your phone.

5.Other Tweaks:

There are many more benefits of rooting like increasing RAM, Increasing internal Memory, installing apps on SD card, swapping internal and external storage so you can convert SD card into internal storage. You can overclock CPU to increase its performance or underclock it to save battery you can take backup of your current ROM by CWM or TWRP recoveries which are very useful in flashing ROMs and performs many other important tasks.(rooting android)

Overall there is so much fun after rooting your phone.

Cons/Disadvantages of Root



The main consequence of rooting is that manufacturers are not allowing it currently so they won’t provide you services like warranty after you have rooted your phone.

2.Chance of bricking:

There is a slight chance of bricking your phone while rooting it which is only possible if you don’t follow the instructions correctly or there is any power loss in the middle of rooting process so i personally suggest you to root your phone using a Laptop and follow the instructions (well that’s obvious) to safely root your android.

3. No OTA Updates:

update-your-samsung-galaxy-s3-newest-available-android-os.w654It is possible to get OTA updates after rooting if you are willing to use same ROM after rooting but if you flash custom ROM then you will not get the On The Air updates by your manufacturer but you can get OTA updates of the ROM if Available.(rooting android)


That’s all now you Decide what is important for you Warranty or Freedom to do anything because its your device.